TEN Connect

TEN Connect

Tetraplan was coordinator of the ambitious TEN Connect project financed by the European Commission and finalised in December 2009.

TEN Connect was an analysis of the existing Trans European Network for Transport (TEN-T) as part of the process of developing the EU transport policy from 2010 and onwards. The goal of the study was to create a database on traffic flows throughout the Union's territory and beyond as an input for further decisions.

The TEN Connect project was dealing with many aspects of the TEN-T, from analysis of the existing traffic flows, forecasts of traffic flows until 2020 and 2030 and identification of major trans-national axes taking into account a number of aspects like cohesion, internal market and access to neighbouring countries. Based on the findings, the project proposed an outline of a TEN-T core network. The analysis of the network was carried out using the TRANS-TOOLS model and included both freight and passenger transport.

In the study missing links and important bottlenecks on the high level network in EU related to poor and damaged infrastructure, congestion and administrative problems mainly at the borders of the Union was identified. These findings were translated into a number of different infrastructure development packages and cost-benefit analyses with additional multi-criteria analyses were carried out in order to develop an assessment methodology applicable to the core network.

The project also included development of a new passenger module and trade module for the TRANS-TOOL model.

In the project Tetraplan was the lead partner and responsible for:

  • Coordination of eight partners and six sub consultants
  • Updating of networks in the TRANS-TOOLS model
  • Development of scenarios for 2020 and 2030
  • Meetings and dissemination of project results
  • Progress reports and the final report

The TEN Connect Project was financed by the European Commission - DG TREN and was finalised in December 2009 in cooperation with eight other international partners and six subcontractors.